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Pregnancy Complications

Medical Care and Support for Pregnancies with Complications

Of course we all hope for a smooth and uneventful pregnancy but sometimes, factors arise which may make a woman’s pregnancy high risk.

These factors include existing medical conditions which may complicate a pregnancy, an inherited condition or something in the family medical history which may affect the health of a woman or her baby, or a problem with the way a woman’s body reacts to a pregnancy.

Although age is not considered a factor for high risk anymore, older women are more likely to develop certain medical conditions during their pregnancy. Pregnancies with multiples (twins or more) are medically more complicated than pregnancies involving only one baby. In other cases, a problem may arise in the way a pregnancy develops or in the way a woman’s body reacts to a pregnancy. Any one of these problems may affect the baby directly or create a risk of premature delivery.

Obstetric Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

During a high-risk pregnancy or a pregnancy with complications, it is vital that the health of the mother and the baby be promptly addressed and safeguarded. Our physicians are extensively trained to manage high-risk pregnancies and the many medical issues which may arise for the mother or baby due to:

  • Hypertension and other blood pressure disorders
  • Pre-eclampsia (gestational hypertension with other symptoms, also called toxemia)
  • Gestational diabetes or diabetes that was diagnosed before pregnancy.
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Heart conditions
  • Asthma and related pulmonary conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Blood disorders, blood clotting disorders
  • Congenital or inherited medical conditions
  • Premature labor or delivery in a prior pregnancy
  • Incompetent cervix and related conditions
  • Previous surgeries on the uterus
  • Prior miscarriages or stillbirths
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