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Normal Pregnancy

Now That You’re Pregnant — What’s Next?

Pregnancy is an exciting time filled with anticipation and change. Our obstetricians and staff will make sure you have the information, attention, and support you need as you head down the road to motherhood — whether it’s your first time or you are a veteran traveler.

Here are some things you can expect as a patient at our practice:

A complete initial obstetrical exam and consultation

Just as we do at our annual well-woman exam, you will receive a comprehensive obstetrical exam. At this exam we will:

  • Perform a detailed review of your personal medical history and family medical history.
  • Perform a physical exam.
  • Conduct important lab tests — some preliminary lab tests will be drawn on your first OB visit and subsequent lab tests can be done in our office as your pregnancy progresses and if the doctor deems them necessary.
  • Arrange for your initial ultrasound exam — this helps the obstetrician to confirm your due date and assure that your pregnancy is off to a great start.
  • Discuss and explain the range of optional tests you may choose.
  • Answer questions you have about your pregnancy, your symptoms, what to expect as your body changes, and any potential problems you are concerned about.
  • Talk about your personal lifestyle and how that may relate to your pregnancy.

Regularly scheduled office visits and examinations

During the first two trimesters (the first six months), these visits are usually scheduled every 3-4 weeks to check on the progress of your pregnancy. After that, we will want to see you every 1-2 weeks and, during the last month of pregnancy, once a week. At each visit we will go over your concerns or any symptoms you might be experiencing and discuss your health needs to keep both you and your baby as healthy as possible.

Ultrasound services

We provide ultrasound services in our exam rooms, performed by a licensed ultrasound technician. The results of your ultrasound examinations are reviewed and completed by a board-certified radiologist. In addition to your initial ultrasound test, we might recommend additional ultrasound exams at 20 weeks of pregnancy, at 36-38 weeks of pregnancy, or at other times if your particular condition requires it. We will discuss these and all other tests with you ahead of time.

We are always available to you

We know that even the smoothest pregnancies can be stressful at times or bring up questions. Don’t worry — we are always available to address your concerns or deal with after-hours emergencies. You may call us directly or arrange for a hospital evaluation if it’s deemed medically appropriate. During our regular office hours we also offer “add-in” office appointments every day to accommodate your needs.

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