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Things to Tell Your OBGYN in Fayetteville NC

It’s important to be open and honest with your obgyn in Fayetteville NC.

We’ve put together a list of things you should tell your obgyn in Fayetteville NC.

Number of Sexual Partners: Your doctor will not judge you based on the number of partners you’ve had. It’s important to know whether you need to be checked for sexually-transmitted diseases, etc.

If you’ve had unprotected sex: Even if was just once, you should be tested for any sexually transmitted disease.

Medical history: It’s important to disclose both your medical history and your families medical history to your doctor.

Pain during intercourse: You should feel comfortable talking with your obgyn in Fayetteville NC about your health and body. Pain during intercourse can be caused by different things and your doctor may be able to help.

Abnormal Period: Abnormal periods can be the sign of a more serious problem. Any changes to your cycle should be discussed with your doctor.

Abnormal Discharge: Abnormal discharge could be caused by an infection and should be addressed right away.

Pregnancy plans: Talk with your doctor about having children. Your obgyn can answer any of your questions and offer advice.

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