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OBGYN in Fayetteville NC – Menopause

It happens to every woman sooner or later. Hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood swings. That’s right, we’re talking about Menopause.

Menopause typically occurs in your late forties, early fifties. Menopause results from the natural decline of reproductive hormones. While menopause can be a relief to not have to worry about periods or pregnancy, it comes with some not so pleasant symptoms. Although menopausal symptoms are usually temporary they may interfere with a woman’s quality of life for a time if they are persistent or severe enough. Many dietary supplements and prescription medications are available to help alleviate these symptoms.

Many women report discomfort and symptoms associated with menopause such as:

– Hot flashes

– Night sweats

– Vaginal dryness

– Trouble sleeping

– Mood changes

– Thinning hair

– Weight gain

– Osteoporosis

– Risk of heart disease

Your OBGYN in Fayetteville NC can answer all your questions about Menopause. It’s important to tell your OBGYN in Fayetteville NC what symptoms you are experiencing, what medications you’re taking and your family medical history.  Your OBGYN in Fayetteville NC can help you cope with your symptoms, and help to prevent or manage your risk for heart disease, osteoporosis or cancer.

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